Tire with WC Students

The Wellness Center and Natatorium memberships can be purchased anytime during the year.  Memberships are available to individuals with an affiliation to USCA. All Wellness Center memberships include the Group Fitness Classes and the Natatorium.  You can purchase a Natatorium only membership if preferred.

This affiliation can include any of the following:

Enrolled Students: Students are able to participate in all programs and services provided through the Department of Campus Recreation & Wellness for no additional fee outside of tuition charges.  To activate your membership please come to the facility to fill out your paperwork and pick up your key tag.  To complete the paperwork you must show a current class schedule. 

USC Aiken Faculty/Staff and Retirees: $80 per year with an anniversary renewal date or $40 for 6 months. This included membership to the Wellness Center and Natatorium. It also includes towel and locker service.

USC Aiken Affiliates: An affiliation with USC Aiken falls into multiple categories. Some of these include but are not limited to: Leadership Donors, Alumni & Spouse (of all USC campus), Student Spouse/Parent, Academy for Life Long Learning, Cardiac Graduate & Spouse, Carolina Heart & Vascular Center Employees, Aiken County Government employees, ARMC Employees, ASL and APAC Parents, Summer Interns housed at USC Aiken.

If a person is not under one of these categories, please take their contact information and give it to Woody Price. We will determine where they fit into the affiliation membership and give them a call:

Several membership options are available for affiliates: $240/year, $140/6 months, $75/3 months, or $35/1 month.

Natatorium Only Membership: Membership to the Natatorium is open to the Aiken community. This membership is valid for use of the Natatorium only during open hours. Water Aerobic classes are included in Natatorium and Wellness Center memberships. 

$150/year or $75/6 months. Non-Members Class Participation $30 (10) Class Punch Card for water aerobics and any other class based program held in the Natatorium. Pool parties can be hosted for $200/party.

Guest Passes are available for both facilities. Guests must be accompanied by a member and complete an informed consent. Fee = $10/day.

Membership Renewal Policies

1. Members must present proof affiliation each time they join or renew their membership.

2. New members and renewing members that are not in the computer system will need to complete the Medical History and Informed Consent.

3. In the affiliated category, the spouse off the affiliate can only become a member if the original affiliated person is a member. (I.e. Alumni spouse cannot join unless the alumni is a member)

*Memberships cannot be canceled or extended except for extenuating circumstances once purchased.  Any cancellations or extensions must be approved by the Director and will be taken on a case by case basis.