Career Goals and Major

Student with Career Services staff

  • Schedule an appointment with a Career Services staff member to discuss a career planning strategy.
  • Continue to explore career and college major possibilities through O*NET and “What Can I Do With This Major,” and find out what occupations are actually out there and how they relate to your academic major.
  • Begin to relate your interests, abilities, and values with career directions you have explored.
  • Develop a résumé and cover letter. (Career Services can give you feedback.)
  • Attend USC Aiken career events, sponsored by the Career Services Office, in order to identify potential careers in your area of study and the types of positions available.
  • Ask employer representatives about specific coursework requirements and other qualifications necessary for employment, such as degree, skills, and experience.
  • Start to explore work experiences, such as internships, part-time jobs, volunteer positions, and summer jobs in order to "reality test" your career interests. It may be a little early to participate in internships and co-ops, but it is a great time to learn about them and start to target potential employers for when you are ready.
  • Participate in an experiential learning opportunity, like a job shadow or informational interview that relates to a career you are interested in.
  • Begin to get involved in extracurricular activities in order to both expand your interests, abilities, and skills and enhance your educational and personal development. These extracurricular activities include membership in organizations related to your career interests.
  • Research newspaper and magazine articles on occupations and business trends.
  • Continue forming positive relationships with professors and advisors.
  • Make contacts at Career Panels and Career Fair events.
  • Obtain a summer job in your field.
  • Research Study Abroad opportunities.
  • Develop and enhance your computer skills.
  • Memorize departmental and university requirements for graduation.