Research Rotation

Research Rotation is an exciting new opportunity for students to get involved with research as early as their Freshman or Sophomore year. In this program, students "rotate" through the research labs of our faculty. Each student, over the course of the semester, spends 3-4 weeks in the lab of each of our faculty members. During that time, that faculty member has a chance to get the student involved in his or her research projects. This way, the student has a chance to actually experience what research is like in each of different research areas before joining a research group. Another great feature of this program is that students will get to know our current upperclassman who are already in research groups and will have mentorship from these students. At the end of Research Rotation, students are asked to write a paper summarizing their experiences in each research lab. Students can also request their 1st and 2nd choice for research groups. After Research Rotation has been completed, our Department attempts to place every student in either their first or second choice. The overall benefit of this approach is for students to get excited and involved in research. By the time a student graduates, that student may have been involved in research for over 3 years and will have presented work at local, regional, or national scientific meetings. Research Rotation is a 1 credit hour course with an expectation of 3 actual lab hours each week.